Queen B has created some Christmas merchandise for her fans to enjoy, the reaction on Twitter has been priceless.

Beyoncé earned the nickname 'Queen B' for a reason; she is a wife, mother, performer and businesswoman who, according to Forbes, grossed a quarter of a billion dollars from her Formation tour alone. 

The thirty-six-year-old basically runs the world and breaks the internet on an annual basis. However, we're not quite sure about her latest venture...

The Hold Up singer has created some merchandise for her fans to enjoy this holiday season. The reaction? Hilarious. 

Have a Thicc Holiday...anyone?
According to Bey we can forget 'Merry Christmas' and instead wish one another a 'Thicc Holiday' with this $55 jumper.

We wish you a Thicc Holiday 

The Best Revenge is Your Wrapping Paper
Inspired by her own Formation lyrics "Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper", B has gifted her fans with 'Best revenge is your wrapping paper' for $16.00.


Minimalist Christmas
If you want to skip the glitter, tinsel and lights of Christmas, stick to this minimalist 'Beyoncé Holiday Sweater' for $55. Does what it says on the tin.

Beyoncé Holiday Sweater
Beyoncé Holiday Sweater

Twitter Reaction

Holidayoncé: "Beyoncé on her secret account watching us react to that Christmas collection"

merelynora: ""how many items are you buying off the @beyonce holiday collection?" me:"

1L_Gunner: "Beyoncé’s got jokes this holiday season."

Tora Shae Today: "When you're up making extra dressing and macaroni n cheese cuz Beyoncé said to "Have a Thicc Holiday"

Tom Schneck: ""We could literally put 'Beyoncé Holiday Sweater' on it and they'll buy it""

Lordess Walls: "Not really sure why @Beyonce wants my money but have a thicc Christmas"

autumn: "if beyoncé thinks i'm spending $60 on a shirt that says "have a thicc holiday" she is...absolutely right"

gabriela: "We have one month to figure out what Beyoncé means by thicc holiday."

Lewis Nicoletti: "As if Beyoncé has released her own Christmas wrapping paper! Wrap me a empty cardboard box and I’d still be like ‘omg best present ever’"

Sarah Packer: Beyoncé is selling a Christmas collection on her website and I don’t know how I feel about it yet

If you're looking to pick up some Christmas jumpers a little closer to home, Funky Christmas Jumpers, Debenhams and Littlewood's Ireland all have some fab collections in.