The Great British Bake Off has come and gone but memories of Noel's spectacular shirts will last forever.

The Mighty Boosh star is known for his eccentric style and he didn't disappoint when it came to his GBBO wardrobe.

Each week, fans were treated to a funky ensemble ranging from ice-cream shirts to red tomato ensembles.

Here are our top five looks from the season:

1. The Ice Cream Shirt
The infamous ice-cream shirt went viral when fans noticed that Noel was rocking the same look as beauty vlogger Zoella.

Georgia Walker: Question is: is @Zoella wearing a guys shirt or is @noelfielding11 wearing a woman's shirt? #GBBO2017 #BakeOff #GBBO #DoesItMatter?

Lauren Morley: "My overall reaction to Bake Off is that I basically want Noel's wardrobe... LOOK AT THAT ICE CREAM SHIRT. WANT. #GBBO"

Beth: "Omg I NEED Noel Fielding's ice cream shirt from this weeks bake off"

2. The Tomato Shirt
The tomato shirt combines the best of GBBO: food, fashion, and controversy.

Pia: Heated argument in the flat: tomatoes or peppers on Noel Fielding's shirt?#gbbo

Jinko: "Noel Fielding tomatoes shirt is what I want for christmas"

Katie Louise Smith: "NOEL FIELDING SHIRT RATING: Week 7 Serving more of a 'Ready Steady Cook' vibe than Bake Off vibe today. Ainsley is triggered. 6/10. #GBBO"

3. The Bird Shirt
Reminiscent of Hitchcock's The Birds, this outfit probably did little to put the bakers at ease. It did look good though.

Mark Edwards: My #GBBO winner is Noel Fielding's raven shirt from episode 1.

Alex Hobbs: "Best thing about Bake Off final? Noel Fielding’s crow shirt. I want it for my own"

4. The Smiley Shirt
The long blue shirt with smiley face print had viewers confused as the faces seemed to remind them of one celeb in particular.

Elaine: Noel Fielding sporting a Karl Pilkington shirt (I have to give my daughter credit for that) @rickygervais

Hagan: Why has Noel Fielding @luxurycomedy got little @KarlPilkinquote Karl Pilkington's all over his shirt?

5. The Palm Tree Shirt
The Palm Tree Shirt caused a lot of conversation during Patisserie Week...


Wes Higgins: I'm not sure who's shirt game is stronger this week between Noel and Sandy #GBBO #PatisserieWeek

Jellyfish: "Noel's shirt this week is beautiful! #GBBO #PatisserieWeek"

Until next time, bakers.