Living in Ireland with our wonderful but unreliable weather means that we are big fans of fake tan and users of tanning mitts. Ryan Tubridy, of all people, shocked us when he revealed how often we should wash them!

The presenter told listeners of his RTÉ Radio 1 programme that he was sent on a mission by one of his daughters to buy a tanning mitt.

Ryan was keen to point out that he is not a fan of fake tan or anything to do with it. In fact, he finds the whole thing to be "grotesque": "I hate fake tan, the smell of it, the look of it, everything".

However being the curious gentleman that he is, after joking that the mitt was for him, he asked the chemist: "How does it work? How many uses should you get out of this tanning mitt?"

Her answer may surprise many, and shock others who may have been using the same unwashed mitt for weeks, months or even...years!!

'Stritly speaking, one. Generally people give it three or four goals.'

But she said: 'The one I have at home I have used it 11 times.'

Ryan continued: "And I asked the question when I got home: 'How often do you use one mitt?'"

I won't give you the answer because I want to spare blushes, but I got a look back as to say : 'That's quite a personal question!' .

"I didn't realize the tanning mitt had so much emotional investment involved!"

Well now you know Ryan...and don't ask us about ours! 

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