Brand new Irish drama, Redwater kicked off last night, Sunday on RTÉ One and it's got everybody talking.

So what's it about?
Redwater is an Eastenders spin-off starring the two characters of Kat (Jessie Wallace) and Alfie (Shane Ritchie) and it was filmed in Dunmore East.

The show is set in the picturesque village of Redwater where, twenty years ago, a boating tragedy ripped the heart out of this village’s close-knit community. The deaths appeared to be an accident – but the truth was left buried at the bottom of the harbour.

For Kat Moon, Redwater could be the key to finally making sense of her fractured past. She is in search of her son, a twin taken from her at birth without her knowledge. A cryptic postcard has led her to Redwater to find him, with her husband Alfie in tow.

That's it for the plot, but how about the fashion?

People went crazy on social media about Alfie's outfits. The Eastenders star always seems to be wearing a buttoned blue jacket and viewers took notice with one Tweeter referring to him as the "man from Del Monte".

Not everyone was loving his look:

"Never seen a pregnant Garda ever!! What's Alfie dressed like! Finding this a bit weird #Redwater"

Some viewers explored the inspiration behind his wardrobe...

"Alfie's fashion inspired by... #Redwater" 

Even in times of crisis, it was Alfie's outfit that grabbed attention.

"#Redwater Alfie hanging from a cliff in white trouser being saved by the local padre"

"He'll need to use the vanish to get the grass stains out of those white trousers #RedWater @realshanerichie @bbceastenders @RTEOne"

In fact, some said his attire was downright impractical for Dunmore East:

"Maybe Alfie would have better grip if he threw away those wickery homemade looking shoes #redwater"

As for Kat, she's loving her favourite yellow jacket and doesn't let it out of her sight. Seems like these characters love bright colours!

One eagle-eyed viewer even called out Kat's fab accessories:

"Just noticed Ive the same #alexandani marine bracelet as Kat #redwater"

Some viewers were loving Kat's fashion transformation since leaving Eastenders:

"Kat looks great. Much better than Eastenders. #Redwater"

However, others remained unsure...

"It's a bit diddley eye but I'm loving it, though what is Kat wearing? #Redwater"


One reviewer compared Game of Thrones actor Ian McElhinney's wardrobe to that of Clint Eastwood.

"@stagestricken great review of #redwater. 'Lance a man who travels everywhere by horse in a costume last seen on Clint Eastwood".


While Kat and Alfie may have been the main attraction to viewers initially, actor Oisín Stack may be the reason they come back for more.

Oisín plays Dermot, a hipster priest who is catching viewers' attention.

"@anemonproject @oisionstack Interesting comment @IrishTimesCultr "a 33-year-old bearded hipster priest...who accessories his collar with a hoodie and a donkey jacket"

One viewer stated that trendy priests should never be trusted.

"Never trust a priest in a Topman hoody."

Even Dermot's hair garnered attention: 

"The priest's fringe is very Noel Gallagher, circa 1997 #redwater"

"I'm not a regular priest, I'm a cool priest, look at my hoody#redwater"

We can't wait to see more interesting fashion choices from the Redwater crew in next week's episode. Stay tuned!

The second episode of Redwater will kick off on RTÉ One next Sunday at 9:30pm. Episode one will be available on the RTÉ Player from Thursday, same time as BBC One's show premiere.