When she's not in front of the OITNB camera as Dayanara Diaz (Daya), Dascha Polanco gets rid of the drab orange and beige prison jumpsuits.

The actress nails every look from simple and classy to colourful and edgy, whether it comes to her outfit, heels, accessories or her constantly variable hair styles.

Dascha spoke to Cosmopolitan about body image and explained that her perception of her own body changed when she realized, that if she wants to change her body shape, she can change it. 

"When I saw myself on the screen for the first time in Orange, which, I was like cringing 'cause I looked so big. I didn't look curvy I just looked big, right?

"And I was like 'that's not me'. So I started working out, everything started just like getting together."

I am never going to be a size zero, I don't wanna be 'cause I love being thick, I love having things to like... move around, [laughing] to twerk with.

She said that she just wants to keep it together and be able to control it, instead of it controlling her.

In celebration of the new Orange Is the New Black teaser, we selected 10 of Dascha's most iconic looks!

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