Spring/Summer fashion has finally arrived in Ireland and we are so excited to ditch our winter coats in favour of fabulous spring designs. This morning, at Arnott's Spring/Summer fashion show, stylist Cathy O'Connor told RTÉ LifeStyle's Soraiya Ryan what excited her most about the upcoming season.

"I think yellow seems to be a really big kind of favourite for the season, I think the shoulders are back which is amazing so it's that kind of more accentuated shoulder. I think we're seeing a lot of floral prints coming through and boho, a lot of boho, beautiful boho pieces and embellishment in particular."

Cathy is one of Ireland's top fashionistas so we couldn't let her go without asking for her recommendations for the season ahead. True to form, she gave the perfect answer.

"I've kind of seen trends come and go and I'm less interested in trends because I think what happens with them is it steers away from individual style because it almost becomes like a uniform so everyone's going for the boho dress or a certain kind of look and I think in the end, fashion is really about individuality"

The stylist insists that we fashion lovers need to stop working for fashion and make fashion work for us by choosing the styles, prints and colours of the seasons that we favour most and mixing it in with our individual style. As Cathy says, "the revolution starts here people".

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