Charlotte Tilbury is one of those magic names in the beauty community. Her make-up is a must-have for celebrities such as Kate Moss and Kim Kardashian as well as beauty bloggers like our very own Erika Fox and Holly Carpenter. Skincare, lip kits, eye liners, make-up brushes, perfumes - her collections are a beauty lovers dream. 

Today, Wednesday 15th of November, the woman herself will be in Brown Thomas on Grafton Street between 5-7pm for one on one make-up consultations.

The beauty guru joined Ryan Tubridy for a chat about the event and the importance of makeup today. Charlotte says that no matter what you're style, she will be able to help you find your make-up must haves. 

"I'll be getting all the girls and saying, right darling, do you want Kate Moss' look which is the 'Rock Chick' or do you want to have the Kim Kardashian's look, which is the 'Dolce Vita'? So, tell me who your beauty icon is and I can make you're dream a reality."

Sold. Charlotte says she loves being in Ireland and the fact that "Irish women love their make-up". The beauty entrepreneur says that women need to understand the power of make-up and the effect it can have on our lives whether it be in the workplace or the dating scene.

"I'm all about empowering women to make them look and feel like the most beautiful versions of themselves. Make-up isn't a mask, make up is just enhancing your features."

So what can we Irish women look out for this party season?

"My magic foundation is, I have to say, it's one of the things that every celebrity on the red carpet whether you're doing TV red carpet or in real life, if you've drunk too much alcohol or if you've ever had a heavy night, it is [the best]"

You can listen to the full interview with Charlotte Tilbury and Ryan here: 

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