The festival season sees music fans everywhere bedecked in flower crowns and glitter, but what about hair? Janice Butler caught up with Hession Hairdressing who picked their favourite effortlessly cool festival styles.

1. Undone braid

Undone Braid: The looser the better!
When it comes to braids, the looser the better!

First up, we have the undone braid. Everyone knows that braids are always coolest when they’re a bit messed up and all you have to do to achieve the look is to make a traditional French braid (there are tonnes of tutorials on YouTube if you’re a newbie to braiding!), then pull it apart.

Don’t be too precious with it: the more undone, the better. Secure it at the ends while leaving some strands loose to add to your cool factor.

The best thing about this style is that you won’t spend the day fixing your hair, as the looser it gets, the more it adds to the overall look.

2. Waves and curls

gigi hadid
Loose waves are an easy festival fix

Waves and curls are always a classic summer hairstyle and are an iconic look. They’re easy too because you can save time by letting your hair air-dry after applying product especially when you plan to be out in the sun all day.

To start, let your hair air-dry with a little de-tangling product to enhance your natural texture. We love the entire Kérastase range for this! If your hair lacks a natural curl, spray a sea salt spray from roots to tips and roughly dry to build volume.

Blow-dry the length of your hair while twisting sections with your fingers – aim the hairdryer downwards to avoid frizz. Once dry, wrap sections of hair around wide-barrel curling tongs.

Finally, make a deep side parting for futher ‘va va voom’ and finish with a spritz of hairspray.

3. Colour

Kylie Jenner
Brighten up your locks this summer

Any festival-goer worth their designer wellies knows no festival hairstyle is complete without a bit of colour. For those unwilling to commit to the all-over pastel hair colours rocking the fashion world, hair chalks are the perfect alternative!

Add some playful rainbow streaks to brighten up your look or opt for a dip dye effect. Have some fun with it – that’s the beauty of temporary hair colour!

4. High Ponytail

Ariana Grande
Add a flower crown to Ariana's iconic high pony and you're good to go

Finally, we have the classic high ponytail with floral accessories. No, it’s not a flower crown, in fact, it’s one better. Mostly because, once secured, the little flower pins will be harder to lose and a lot less annoying to wear all day.

To achieve this look, add some texturizing spray to your hair, pull into a high ponytail and secure with a hair tie.

To hide the hair tie, take a strand of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around a few times then secure with a bobby pin. Finish the look off by attaching some small flowers in your hair.