Verity’s hair was prepared with 125x 50cm Great Lengths bonds in shades 09 and 84.

You will need:
• Large barrel tong (ours was 32mm)
• Section clips
• Short hair clips
• Hair grips
• Bungy band (2 grips attached to a length of elastic)
• Large paddle brush
• Dressing brush/backcombing brush
• Tail comb
• Finishing hairspray like I.C.O.N. Done
• Holding spray like I.C.O.N. Reformer

Step One - Tonging
• Start with a section at the front hairline and spritz with I.C.O.N. Done. Barrel curl horizontally, winding the tong forward. Once curled, secure the curl with a clip.
• Take a second section behind the first, and repeat the process. This time, wind the barrel of the tong backwards.
• Repeat this process in sections moving down the back of the head.
• Now move to the sides and repeat this process with one top horizontal panel on each side. If you are wearing hair extensions, be sure not to hold the tong too close to the bonds.
• With the remaining hair at the sides, hold your tong vertically and wind backwards. Clip the curls close to the head. Continue around the head until all the hair is tonged and clipped.

Step Two - Brushing
• Mist the entire head with a finishing spray like I.C.O.N. Done, then allow the curls to cool – this is a good time to apply your makeup and get dressed.
• When cool, remove all the clips and brush through all your hair with a large paddle brush – don’t be too rough.

Step Three - Backcombing
• Starting a few inches back from the front hairline, backcomb horizontal sections, moving towards the crown. This will help create the ‘bouffant’ element of this look. If you are backcombing any hair with extensions, be sure to only backcomb the lengths after the bond attachment– not the space between the bond and your scalp.
• Spritz the backcombed hair with a holding spray like I.C.O.N. Reformer. For extra volume, you could add backcombing at the sides too.
• Use a dressing brush to smooth the surface of the backcombed area – don’t be too rough or you’ll pull out all your backcombing underneath.

Step Four – Half Up
• Section off your fringe area and keep the hair free for now.
• Use your fingers to section hair from ear to ear along the back of the head. Gather this top section (minus the fringe) and sweep it back to the centreback. Pin in place.
• Don’t worry if this is looking really big – it will drop slightly when the hair is pulled into a ponytail.

Step Five – The Pony
• Using your large paddle brush, sweep the hair into a ponytail.
• When you are happy with the placement, secure with a bungy band – place one grip under the pony, wrap the elastic round and then secure with the second grip. This gives you a much neater and more secure ponytail.
• Spritz with I.C.O.N. to hold – use a tail comb to smooth back any wispy bits.
• With the front fringe sections, smooth with a brush and then sweep around the head on one side. Secure any loose ends with a pin, as close to the bungy band as possible.
• Take a one inch piece of hair from the length of the ponytail and wrap this around the band (to cover). Pin in place underneath.
• Finish the look by teasing the lengths of the ponytail with your tail comb.

The Finished Look

A stunning 60’s inspired ponytail. This must-try hairstyle works incredibly well with a low-back dress or a tailored jumpsuit.