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The always stunning Cheryl not only returns to our screens with the X Factor this autumn but is also back as the face of L'Oreal Elnett's new Always in Style campaign, which has recently been revealed. The singer helps the beauty brand to celebrate five decades of style in the new imagery, which showcases the versatility of both L'Oreal Paris and its campaign star. "It's always been part of my life and career," says Cheryl.  "It's a special relationship."

Here, super-stylist Wendy Iles, who created these show-stopping looks for Cheryl, talks you through how to easily get each must-have hair style yourself.

Blissful Bardot

Want a sixties-inspired style that still looks totally stunning today? Of course you do. Wendy Iles tells you exactly how to get this Bardot-inspired bouffant.

Starting at the top section, smooth volumising mousse through the roots. Once this is blow dried, roll up in a large roller, pinning it on top of its base to create the best root volume possible.

Next, take vertical sections of hair around the head, starting at the front, and tong each section toward the back of the head. Clip each piece by winding hair around two fingers and secure in place with clips until cool.

Once set, release each curl and brush into place. Add a little back-combing at the crown and smooth over the outer top surface with a soft brush. Be sure to leave a little uneven texture as it adds modernity. With a small elastic secure this layer in a low ponytail just under the crown, then add a strong pin to push the section up to the height you want.

Spray the crown section with L’Oréal Paris Elnett, adding a little more texture if needed by gently teasing pieces with your fingertips.

Bold & Beautiful Beehive

Perfect the classic beehive with these simple steps.

After blow-drying the hair with a round brush, throw your head upside down and spray with L’Oréal Paris Elnett. Blast with a hair dryer to dry the spray in and create some texture.

Begin back-combing the crown and forehead, spraying each section with L’Oréal Paris Elnett. The higher you want to go, the more backcombing will be required.

Build the beehive by smoothing over the top surface then attach the ends at the base of the crown, using a small elastic. Use strong pins to manipulate it into place and also create more height if necessary by slightly pushing the base of the beehive forwards and pinning.

Now focusing on the rest of the hair, back comb very slightly at the side but not too much as it can be ageing. Sweep all the hair at the back to one side and fix into place with a line of strong hairpins just off centre.

Finally, wind the hair into a tight roll and secure invisibly by threading ‘U’ shaped hair slides up through the roll.

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