The beginners yoga class at Aorta Fitness in Dublin 4 is run by Kitty Maguire, who manages to combine relaxing, therapeutic stretching with more challenging poses.

The benefits of yoga are immense - releasing stress and improving flexibility all while elongating and toning your muscles.

As someone who tends to rush around, exercise regularly without doing any proper stretching, and generally finds it hard to shut off and relax - this class is for me a rare opportunity to unwind.

It takes place on a Monday evening at 7.30pm, so it's a lovely way to start the week off on a positive note. 

Kitty is fantastic for clearly and concisely explaining the movements, reminding you of the correct breathing, and generally guiding you through a class that will leave you feeling serene and physically more content in your body. I'm far from achieving Zen-like status, but this is definitely helping me on my way.

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Sarah McIntyre