Meso Vytal uses a micro needling system to deliver skin-loving ingredients deep into the skin for maximum results.

Elaine started off the treatment with a cleanser from the Derm Acte range - which contains glycolic acid to really start penetrating and revitalising the skin. The glycolic cleanser ranges in strength from 6 to 15 per cent to tailor for different skin types.

After deep cleansing my skin, Elaine added in a step that is often overlooked in facials - extractions. This sort of attention to detail is what elevates her facials beyond the ordinary, and this really helped to clear out the congested skin around my chin and nose.

We then came to the main part of the facial - the infusion of the serums, of which there are three in the Meso Vytal range. Again, Elaine tailors this to suit your skin's needs - Meso Vytal Med for wrinkle reduction and increased collegen production, Meso Vytal Fresh to provide young skin with essential nutrients and Meso Vytal Pure to enhance dull, dry mature skin. 

Elaine chose the Meso Vytal Fresh for my skin, and set about infusing the serum using the micro needling system. Associating needles with a facial may make some people uncomfortable, but this was a very uninvasive treatment and didn't feel painful at all.

After applying a moisturiser and lipbalm, Elaine also performed a shoulder and arm massage to leave me feeling really relaxed.

I was so impressed with the results - having battled with dull, tired skin with annoying outbreaks on my chin for the past few months I can honestly say my skin hasn't looked better in a long time.

My skin had a lovely glow for days after the treatment, and felt really plumped up. The congestion around my chin and nose was reduced, and any residual marks from spots also looked less noticeable. 

The Myso Vytal facial at Bespoke Beauty costs €70 for the first treatment, follow-on treatments are €100 each and a course six of treatments is €550.

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By Sarah McIntyre