The difference can be seen immediately from the very beautiful and unusual ombré-effect bottles, which would be the pride of place on any dressing room table.

Superficial changes aside, these gorgeous scents aim to celebrate something most of us spend a lot of time grumbling about - the rain.

The four fragrances aim to capture the essence of rainfall in London, and the contrast between the urban landscape and nature's power.

Rain & Angelica is a very modern, refreshing scent which was created to be reminiscent of dewy London parks at dawn. It has a heart note of herbaceous angelica with hints of juicy lime on an earthy base of vetiver.

Wisteria & Violet is a beautiful floral fragrance which was inspired by gentle morning showers and is infused with the wet-petal scent of violets and water lily, with a base note of patchouli.

White Jasmine & Mint is a very fresh and clean scent that is inspired by rain-soaked gardens. A top note of fresh mint leaf dries down to reveal the heart note of jasmine, with a touch of lily, orange flower and rose.

The most seductive fragrance in the range is Black Cedarwood & Juniper, which took its inspiration from midnight showers. This contains an unusual but very addictive combination of cumin, chilli leaves and aromatic juniper with a touch of moss. 

The Jo Malone London Rain limited edition collection is available at Brown Thomas Dublin and online at priced at €100 per 100ml bottle.