The Venaseal Closure System is a revolutionary solution to the problem of unsightly and painful varicose veins.

The main advantage of this new treatment is that patients will see no downtime, don't have to wear compression stockings, and there is just one local anaesthetic.

With previous treatments, such as Vein stripping and Laser or RF ablation, patients had to either go under general anaesthetic or receive multiple local anaesthetic injections along the whole leg.

Now the Venaseal treatment offers patients a much simpler alternative. It uses a specially developed and safe medical adhesive gel which is inserted into the vein through a tiny tube, where is seals the vein closed quickly and effectively.

The treatment is minimally invasive and much less of an undertaking for patients.

Mr Sean O'Neill, Vascular Surgeon, Blackrock Clinic, Dublin said: "Using the Venaseal medical adhesive gel, allows me to quickly and effectively close off the affected veins, with no down time. Patients can head back to work the same day, travel on holiday and bare their legs again.” 

Those suffering from Varicose Veins should contact their GP for further information and a referral to a Vascular Surgeon.

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