I'm sure that there are hundreds of other shiny skinned ladies like myself who wish they could find that perfect foundation that will save them having to mess about with multiple products and it seems that Rimmel have been listening to our cries for help and have tried to answer them with their new Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation.

Rimmel have designed this foundation to be a light and blendable liquid mousse foundation that controls shine all day while also minimizing pores and as this is the brand that brought the world the absolutely wonderful Stay Matte Powder, I had extremely high hopes for this stuff.

When it first comes out of the tube, this foundation feels exactly as it claims, light and slightly mousse like without being too greasy. It's glides onto the skin and is an absolute dream to blend in, leaving no nasty streaks and miraculously not caking under my eyes – success!

Now, when it came to mattifying my skin this product did an absolutely incredible job. There was no shine to be seen anywhere which was absolutely fantastic but – and I can't believe I'm going to say this – I almost found it a little too matte.

It was like the mattifying properties completely stripped my face of all of its natural contours and made it look extremely flat. Also, because it covered all of the light reflective qualities of my face it made me look very very dull and tired, not a good look.

I tried to remedy my problem by applying some contour powder to the hollows of my cheeks and temples and adding some dewy highlighter but I felt this just made the whole thing look worse.

I then thought that maybe I had just selected the wrong shade but even when I went both a shade up and a shade down there was no improvement.

I really really wanted to this foundation as I am a genuine fan of Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder and think the quality of their products for their price bracket is absolutely phenomenal. I also really enjoyed the consistency of this foundation and the ease at which it went on my skin but it just did not agree with me,

If you are somebody who has extremely oily skin and who is a fan of a more velvety, full coverage look then this foundation could suit you and at the very reasonable price of €7.99 it's definitely worth a try!

Ruth Aravena