I'm persistently lazy when it comes to applying body cream, and only resort to lashing it on when my skin is really flaky and dry.

The main issue I have is letting it dry before putting clothes on, which is why Nivea's new product has found such favour of late.

This moisturiser is applied in the shower after you use your normal shower gel, and then rinsed off.

It leaves skin feeling really nice and soft with minimal effort, a bonus if you're in a hurry.

When the weather is as hot an sticky as it has been lately, a layer of thick body cream is not ideal, so this method of getting some much-needed moisture into your skin is perfect.

I would say that it probably wouldn't cut the mustard alone if you have really dry skin, or in colder weather conditions.

I've been using the blue bottle for dry skin, which is enriched with nourishing almond oil.

There's also a white bottle for normal skin which is enriched with sea minerals.

Both versions are available for a mere €3.99 from pharmacies and grocery stores nationwide. You can't go wrong!

Sarah McIntyre