My usual approach to hair removal in the past was epilation or shaving - both of which have their disadvantages.

Shaving only leaves my legs hair-free for that day, and the sensation of the prickly hairs that grow back is never pleasant.

Epilation provided a more long-lasting hair removal, but it was time consuming, relatively painful and also resulted in a good few ingrown hairs, ouch.

Until my visit to Dublin's Urbana salon, I hadn't tried waxing in years, asides from a few failed attempts at home.

It was a completely different experience, to say the least. Urbana uses high-quality Lycon wax to remove hair as short as 1mm, and the dedicated team of wax specialists means that you're in good hands.

My pre-treatment nerves were unfounded as the experience was almost pain-free and left me with completely smooth and soft skin.

As an added bonus, Urbana has a 'Buy four get one free' offer on all waxes, meaning you save 25% on your overall cost per visit.


Dublin: 9 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
Drogheda: 113 West Street, Drogheda, Ireland
Telephone: +353 1 6351616

Sarah McIntyre