It's the look of the Eighties - and Simon Cowell - but don't let that put you off. Highwaisted jeans are back and the new trend has sparked a surge in searches and sales of original pairs of the unique style on eBay.

I remember these horrors from the 1980’s but, suddenly, they’re back in style and that’s, mostly, thanks to Gwen Stefani and Keira Knightly who have recently been spotted rocking the look. It’s certainly a fresh alternative to the skinny jean look and, for that reason alone, fashion fans are snapping them up.

As a result, the high-waisted, slightly baggy, ‘mom’ look has been sweeping the nation, with vintage jeans becoming the most popular denim choice this season. As high-street brands revive the style, it’s clear that shoppers are in fact after the original item, with sales of ‘mom’ style jeans up 110% over the last month according to eBay.

eBay spokesperson Laura Wilkinson-Rea said, “Women have been flocking to the site in order to find their perfect pair of ‘mom’ style jeans. Searches for this unique style have shot up, with eBay offering fashion fans a place to get their hands on an original pair of vintage jeans.”

Acid-wash ‘mom jeans’ seem to be the winning style this spring with sales rising 75%, closely followed by pale denim, with the UK branch of eBay noting a sales increase of 55% since this time last month.