As a fashion and beauty journalist, I always want to look my best, and I'm game to do anything that will keep the effects of age from sneaking up on me. In the past I've tried botox, microdermabrasion and IPL. I use a dermaroller three times a week, have regular facials and religiously apply sunscreen every day but, despite my best efforts, I was beginning to notice some deeper lines at the side of my mouth. The nasal/labial fold lines or 'laugh lines', as some people call them, are a major concern to many people - and they are an inevitable result of the facial muscles weakening with time.

In the past, the only way to effectively remove them was to opt for a face lift - but revolutionary new treatments mean it is no longer necessary to face up to the scalpel to lift sagging skin and eliminate wrinkles.These days injectible fillers, such as Restylane, offer a sophisticated, smoother and often more natural result than surgery. The companies behind them claim these non-surgical treatments can take five or more years off your appearance - without the risks of surgery and anaesthetics.But do they work? I went to see for myself...

Tried and Tested: Restylane at the Renew Clinic, Hatch Street, Dublin 2

WHAT IS IT : Restylane isn't made from a toxin, as Botox is, and it isn't animal-derived, as some collagen products are. It's a Swedish synthetic reproduction of a substance that's used by the body to carry and bind water. It keeps joints lubricated, among other things. When it's injected into the face, it temporarily creates the natural fullness seen in children's skin and it is an effective tool for women who want to smooth out deep wrinkles and lines.

THE TREATMENT : I decided to have a small amount of Restylane injected into the nasal-labial folds (those deep lines that run from the side of your nose, to the edge of your mouth).

The doctor started by disinfecting the area she was planning to treat and then, with great care, she slowly injected the line. It stung and was uncomfortable but I can't say that it hurt all that much. A few minutes later she did the other side of my face and, after that, she started to press and mould the substance into place. Less than ten minutes later and it was all over.

THE RESULT : When I looked in the mirror I was astonished because, although I did not look radically different, I did look younger. The change was so subtle that you'd hardly guess I'd had anything done, which is the holy grail of all beauty treatments. In the following days friends commented how well I looked, remarking that I appeared well-rested and 'fresh'. I'm delighted with the treatment and my lines are practically invisible, now that they have been plumped out. I'd recommend this to everyone.

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