Now that winter's over and spring is finally here, we bring you the lastest looks from international runways. Check out the top trends you'll be wearing later this year...

With each changing season, there are new fashion trends for everyone to get excited about. One thing to keep your eye on is barbour coats. However, this is not the only trend to look out for – there are many more coming up that you should be aware of for the new season and the rest of 2013.

Slim down and suit up
Three-button suit jackets are also on the way out, apparently. Two-button jackets, on the other hand, are firmly in. The absence of a third button adds a bit of height, as well as a flattering slimming effect.

Three-button jackets are timeless if you pick the classic-cut – they definitely have the Mad Men feel in that sense. However, the two-button jacket is more popular because of its versatility and timelessness. If you’re not one for collecting suit jackets, you’ll definitely want a two-button jacket as your regular choice.

Image courtesy of Debenhams

Wear more jeans
Denim jeans are never, ever going to be out of fashion, no matter how many times it might seem like their superior timelessness is under threat. But the style and colour of them are quite important. Light blue denims are great, because you can always contrast them with darker jackets and boots.

If you’re one for bright-coloured trainers, darker, indigo denim jeans are great to highlight them powerfully – they’re also smarter.

Throw something shiny in there
Men can always wear jewellery to make themselves stand out from the crowd. You should choose it well and wear it confidently, and there are many items that are relatively easy to carry off.

Last year, leather bracelets were in. This year, men will probably seek to accentuate their look with brass rings, or cufflinks. Silver always looks good, but gold should be worn sparingly, unless you wish to look like a used-car salesman, of course.

Change your watchstrap
This isn’t a unique fashion trend, but it’s something you should take care to pay attention to in accordance with changing seasons. Practicality comes into this, too. Elastic or leather straps aren’t appropriate with the upcoming hot weather (we can hope, if nothing else).

With the winter fading away, it’s time to experiment and wear some fun colours on your watchstrap, instead of the darker leather straps.

Change your shoes
The reports are in and dress shoes are out for 2013. They enjoyed some due vogue with the massive popularity of shows like Boardwalk Empire, with its displays of early 1920s sharpness, but they are now firmly being replaced by boots.

Not hiking boots, mind you - trending for 2013 are leather lace-up boots, with toned-down colours of black or brown; choose whichever suits your wardrobe best.

Georgina Heffernan