An ice cold breeze awakens our senses asleep under the scorching summer sun. For Summer 2013, the hot and trendy fragrance couple from Emporio Armani Diamonds is re-interpreted in new-look bottles.

The iconic fragrances have been reinvigorated with a graduated turquoise hue and frosted bottles, as if carved out of ice. The Diamonds fragrance was introduced by the company in 2007 and has had campaigns fronted by A-list stars like Beyonce and Josh Hartnett, as well as models Mathias Lauridsen and Shannan Click.

For women, the Femme fragrance has top notes of sweet and warm raspberry and lychee, yet cooled down with a green and crisp apple sorbet. The scent benefits from vibrant notes of dry woods and is distinctly ambered and musky, resulting in an elegant yet bold and confident fragrance.

With Homme, you are instantly refreshed with introductory green and crunchy notes. Fresh mint and iced lemon come together for a fusing icy crescendo. It's based in the sensuality of nature, with cocoa, floral and woody notes leaving an energetic and irresistible trail with this individual and almost oriental scent.

Emporio Armani Diamonds for Women & Men, Summer Edition will be available nationwide from mid- April with a RRP of €34.00 for Homme and €41.00 for Femme.