Since winning this prestigious title she has been catapulted to stardom with lots of exciting modelling projects on the horizon and a contract with Models 1 agency. Letitia has to ensure she always looks her best, with her skin being an important part of her appearance - here’s a few of her essentail beauty and fitness tips.

Fitness Regime: Many people see modeling as an easy job but it involves hard work and dedication, if you put in the hard work then you can reap the rewards. I work-out regularly in the gym and I always eat a healthy balanced diet with minimal sugar and caffeine, to ensure I stay in shape.

Skincare Regime: I also need to look after my skin which I do by drinking plenty of water and getting a good night’s sleep. I also use the Nelsons Pure & Clear skincare range daily, which leaves my skin looking clear and radiant ready for photo shoots. I particularly like this range as it’s free from artificial ingredients and contains natural plants extracts.

Ambitions: My aspirations for the future are to fulfill my dream of being a successful model. I would love to be a part of a Victoria Secret campaign and to work in all the fashion capitals of the world. If I was ever lucky enough to be really successful in the industry I would love to be involved with charitable causes and make a difference to people's lives.