The ITV period drama Downton Abbey has inspired fans not only in the fashion stakes, but also in the world of beauty, with the cast's wonderfully elaborate hairstyles.

Due to increasingly popular demand from his clients, David Marshall recently created the 'Downton Tilt' - a modern take on the classic up-style - which has proven a hit with his clients.

Marshall, who has been running his hair salon on Dublin's George's Street for the past 38 years, is now inundated with requests for up-styles.

He explained why demand for hair up has never been so high: “The overall mood of the moment is feminine and ultra classy – think Chanel and Audrey Hepburn. I'm quite sure that Downton Abbey has had a great influence on women of all ages to wear their hair up. At the salon, we’re finding this fashion trend really refreshing.

"Even though the theme is influenced by Downton Abbey, and very sophisticated, the actual hair-styles we create for our clients are very different. Women want a modern twist to their hair and we are adapting our up-styles to achieve a more edgy, more trendy look. That’s why we call it the 'Downton Tilt'."

“The clothes women are wearing right now are more delicate and feminine and hair done in an up-style complements this trend. At the same time, the style has to be cool, individualistic and eclectic enough to wear with jeans, sweater and boots.”

David adds, “I believe these new, trendy up-styles will lead to a whole new era in hair cutting. New haircuts will evolve from the shapes that are made by the “Downton Tilt”. I predict we are entering a significant new era in hair design. This is just the beginning of a whole new approach to hair artistry.”