Award winning hairstylist Robert Simmons from Pzazz salon in the Powerscourt Centre,talks us through the latest looks.

Georgina Heffernan reports...

CUTS: I think that in terms of styles, short hair cuts are making a big comeback but this time around they are edgier. Even if your hair is cut into a bob or is mid length, there will be a stronger, more defined look to the cut. Short retro style fringe's are also set to be big next season, especially with out younger customers.

COLOUR: Blond is back in a big way but all over blonding will be a key look. Similar to the style worn by screen icon, Marilyn Monroe, this solid blond look will be livened up with ash or lavender tones.

THE MOOD: This is one of the most exciting seasons for hairstylists in years; colours and cut are vibrant, hairstyles daring and innovative. I believe this is a backlash against all of the economic doom and gloom. People want to throw off the shackles of the past, grab a new image and start again! They want a look that represents better times...

TOP HAIRSTYLES FOR SPRING: The rock-chick look is making a comeback but this time it's darker, a cross between seventies glam rock and street punk; I'm talking about sharp cuts, flashes of bright colour and lots of attitude.

The 90's grunge look is also back in the spotlight and we saw this style coming through as a big trend at many of the big catwalk shows. The hair on the models looked as if it hadn't been washed for a month - but that's exactly the look they were going for. It's long, tousled and a bit wild looking and the style is created on freshly washed hair using products such as moulding mud.

Moving away from that, there's still a lot of braiding and plaiting, retro bouffant hair with bows and wraps, and 60's inspired looks with a contemporary edge. There's a swing towards hair that is exaggerated and styled.

IN THE NEWS: We first started doing hair extensions 27 years ago but the industry has totally changed since then. In the 80's we were using hair which was made from microfibre - a synthetic product that looked very similar to the real thing - but now everyone uses real hair. In recent years, the market has been flooded with a cheap influx of real hair from all around the world and this poses many ethical questions as to how the hair is sourced. I think that the question of ethics will become a real talking point next year, as the desire for hair extensions continues to grow. We source all of our hair from Raccoon - a company that has an outstanding ethical record and puts a percentage of their profits back into the community.

Many of the harmful chemicals that used to be used in hair dyes have been removed, thanks to new EU laws, and the new hair dyes that have come on the market are set to totally revolutionise the hairdressing industry. The colours are glossy and rich with minimal damage to the hair. You can literally go Marilyn blond without harming a lock of hair.

The 12 week blow-dry is back but it has been totally reformulated, and many of the harsh chemicals have been removed. It's a million times better and much kinder to your hair; I predict that it will be one of the most popular salon treatments in 2013.!

FOR MEN: Side partings are a big trend for spring and it was seen at many of the catwalk shows. It's similar to the kind of looks that your Dad or Grandad may have worn - but this retro look is making a big comeback this spring. This slick look can be created by using a product such as Shine Crafter by Sebastian.

The other big hairstyle for men is the mod look and cyclist, Bradly Wiggins, is credited for kick-starting the trend. He's like a young Paul Weller, with a very distinctive look that many guys will want to copy.

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