Central to the collection are two limited edition palettes (€65) which contain all you need for the eyes, face and lips.

The black lacquer double-tired cases contain a frosty highlighter to add shimmer to the complexion, two creamy satin eyeshadows and a compact lipstick for matt colour.

There are two colourways, Moonlight Beige which contains shades of taupe and Moonlight White which contains shades of grey, both giving a subtle, sophisticated finish.

One of the most interesting products in the line is the Lip Maestro Zero Colour (€26), new lip enhancer which can be used alone or as a top coat on lips. Used alone, it plumps up the lips and adds luminosity, while used over lip colour it adds a subtle matt texture.

Finally the Micro-Fil Loose Powder Moonlight Pink (€36.50) is a fine, translucent powder which can be used on the face, shoulders and décolleté to add seductive shimmer.