What is it?
Weightless serum containing light reflectors that diminish lines. Created by Nicola Duffy, leading Irish make-up artist, this primer was developed to create the smoothest possible base for foundation.

What it's used for:
This ultra-light gel conceals imperfections, fine lines and uneven skin texture for a flawless appearance. With the added SPF 20 and subtle light reflecting properties, your skin remains healthy and shielded from the damaging rays. Nicola suggests that you wear this on its own or under foundation for a beautiful, smooth complexion.

What was it like?
I loved this product and, having used it for over a month, I’m wondering how on earth I ever lived without it, because the difference it has made to my face is nothing short of astonishing. I’d never used a primer before, in spite of all the hype, but when a sample popped through my letterbox I decided to give it a go.

Yes, it made my complexion smoother. Yes, it helped my foundation stay in place and, yes, it gave my skin certain luminosity but the reason why I love it, why I really love it, it that it makes my wrinkles vanish! Similar to Polyfilla, this wonder serum seems to fill in your lines but because of its semi-matte texture, it also seamlessly blends in with your skin.

I have one particularly nasty line right between my eyes – caused from hours squinting on front of my computer screen - and I was considering blitzing the blighter with Botox but this little tube of primer has almost made it disappear. Pure genius. Primers...how did I ever live without them?

Face Primer, €19.60 at www.blush.ie

Georgina Heffernan