Forget creams, the latest buzz in anti-ageing is gadgets that mimic the treatments you'd normally go to a clinic for. Their main aim is to ease out wrinkles and lift your face - all in the comfort of your own home.

The latest gizmo to make headlines is a facial toner which uses that uses electrical impulses to help combat aging. It's a DIY facelift, which promises to take years off your appearance by lifting and toning the muscles in your face but does it really work and is it worth splashing out on? I put one to the test…

What is it good for?

The facial toner boosts muscle volume which lifts and plumps the skin, smoothes out the surface, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

In addition to building muscle volume and lifting the face, the increase in blood flow improves the condition of the skin and gives a glowing complexion.

The science bit

Until recently, any article about facial muscles and anti-ageing treatments meant one thing -- you were talking freezing them with Botox. However, scientists have started to realise that if you want to look younger, you should be doing the opposite.

The Rio Facial Toner works by gently activating the muscles in the face, causing them to contract naturally and exercises them hundreds of times in each session. It delivers an electric current to tighten and tone muscles - lifting saggy jowls, defining cheekbones and toning the overall structure of the face.

What was it like?

I bought my facial toner online at Amazon, for 87 euro and once it arrived, I immediately set to work rolling it across my poor unsuspecting face. The toner comes in a pack with an easy to follow video, a jar of conductor gel and retinol patches, which can be used to dramatically ‘plump up’ the skin.

I discovered that you can control the intensity of the current on the handset, so it’s uncomfortable rather than painful. However, the higher the setting the more effective your treatment will be.

The first time that I used it, I thought that the sensation was very strange and, yes, it hurt but, having used it regularly over a two week period, I have seen a definite improvement in my skin tone and my face does appear slightly ‘lifted’.

The results have been so encouraging, that I have been incorporated it into my daily beauty routine and I’m excited to see what improvements will be made over the coming months.

The Rio Facial Toner is available at