Lancome's Artliner is my current favourite, it has a reasonably thick, long felt point which provides a deep black, almost glossy finish.

However, the brand's newest liner release, Liner Plume, may give the Artliner a run for its money.

It boasts a stiff, ultra-precise, extra slim felt brush which makes it really easy to paint on a thin line.

Because of the slim shape of the brush, this is also that bit easier to create a small, subtle flick, which can be harder to achieve with the larger felt tip.

Lancome Liner Plume, €29

Lancome has also brought out a reworked range of eyeshadows, Ombre Hypnose Mono (€25.72), in a selection of gorgeous, creamy shades. I tried out a beautiful shimmery nude, Beige Nu 102, which I have been wearing lightly dusted over my eyelids with the Liner Plume to create a really simple, easy look. This can also be dressed up quickly with some bright red lipstick.

The shadows are split into four variations to create different looks -
Matte - For a soft, velvety finish
Pearly - To create a luminous silky halo
Iridescent - Radiant look
Sparkling - For a dazzling finish

Available from Lancome counteres nationwide.

Sarah McIntyre