There is nothing nicer than having a healthy glow during the autumn, although it’s not so easy to obtain. I always fear using fake tan at this time of year as I feel like it heightens the ‘that’s so not real’ look. I mean how many women genuinely have a sun-kissed glow in Ireland with the constant downpours? In an attempt to achieve a happy medium between my natural pasty milk-bottle usual shade and looking like I am auditioning for a cameo appearance on The Only Way is Essex, I went on a serious tanning mission.
Following different trials of nearly every tan on the market, it was He-Shi’s Instant Luminous Shimmer that caught my attention. This little gem is a subtle and sophisticated bronzer that has just a little hint of sparkle to it. It is the perfect solution for those who want a shimmering glow without any commitment – being able to wash it off makes it the perfect product for any weekend occasions. Especially for the party season ahead!

The formula does not contain DHA and therefore is easily washed off with soap and water. Also if you feel you have put on too much tan, it’s nothing a bit of moisturiser won’t fix in a jiffy.
At €12.50 this instant tan is an extremely worthwhile investment!