Sleek, poker-straight hair is sooo yesterday. This autumn, celebrities are already turning heads with their mussed-up locks – with stars such as Rita Ora, Katy Perry and Rihanna opting for Hollywood inspired curls.

The good news is it's a style anyone with medium to longer-length hair can achieve. Whether your hair is poker straight and in need of some bounce, or your naturally curly hair looks more frizzy than wavy, heated rollers can help you get this season's sexy, full look.

But will the trend hit the streets? Will we be able to step away from the irons and curl it up with the best? Say goodbye to the natural look, forget about irons and reach for those rollers buried in the back of the closet because old fashioned, heated rollers, are making a comeback. Georgina Heffernan tried the look for herself.

Step One: Shampoo and condition your hair, then towel-dry before blow-drying it as full and straight as possible, using a large round brush. Remember to prepare your hair with a leave-in protection if you regularly use heated appliances.

Step Two: When your hair is nearly dry put in 15-20 rollers. The secret is to take sections of hair, comb them forwards and wind each on to the roller – securing in place with a grip.

Step Three: Once you have finished, leave the rollers in for 10 to fifteen minutes to allow the style to set.

Step Four: Unravel the rollers and run fingers through the curls. Fix the style with hairspray and mist over with shine spray, for a glossy sheen.

Result: The rollers were quite heavy, and it took a while to get them to grip the hair. But the result was excellent: brilliant curls and great body in minutes.

Georgina used Babyliss heated rollers, €38, available at Boots.