September is a pretty busy time in any school. New students, teachers and subjects. With all that going on, there is one thing that will make any teacher scream, 'Cé leis é?'.

Things to label:

1. Uniforms
Picture this. 30 children in the same room, wearing the same thing. Then factor in 60+ kids in the whole school. Chances are there is going to be some confusion over uniform down the line. From jumpers and ties to the always coveted raincoats.

Misplaced school jumpers, the bane of any teacher's existence

2. School books, copies, supplies
When putting names on clothing, books etc. make sure that it's legible. Why? Because it's more often than not kids who are handing out the books, copies, or being a detective in relocating property. 

A hassle for teachers is the age-old 'What does this name say again?' as someone labelled the copy in their finest calligraphy handwriting. Keep them simple!

Simple names on copies and books for extra brownie points

Also, teachers transform into referees over fights between pencil cases, rubbers, art equipment. Look at them as some sort of classroom currency. I've witnessed best friends fight over an Elsa rubber and it wasn't pretty (it turned out neither owned it).

3. P.E. Gear, Equipment

PE equipment can be expensive...put your flippin' name on them!

More and more schools have their own separate PE kit. Which means more opportunity guessed it, labels!

This goes for anything your child brings in for PE and/or lunch time. Football boots, footballs, helmets, jerseys and runners cost a fortune and a small tag will eliminate any doubt as to know owns what and where.

4. Lunchboxes

Particularly in infant rooms, names on lunch boxes are key!

Particularly in the infant rooms, where there is usually a desk for everyone's lunch, names are important! 

It's a struggle at times to make sure that lunch is eaten. But what seems difficult becomes the impossible when you don't put your flippin' name on it! A small tag on a lunch box and drinker will make sure that there are no excuses come 3pm for a hungry tummy...

5. Letters, Envelopes & Forms

Back To School means lots and lots of paperwork

Back to School means paperwork! Your child may also have a new teacher who might not be au fait with everyone's name. Insurance, trip money, arts, crafts and photocopying fees all add up and even more so if they become lost!

Label everything and anything that comes from you to the teacher. School secretaries deal with hundreds of forms every week, and while busy teaching 30 children, classroom teachers can misplace unlabeled paperwork around the class.

Remember that over time markers will fade!

How should we label our property?

A simple, cost-effective way is to initial clothing on the tags, or appropriate places. Remember that over time names will become faded and what may have originally resembled your child's name may be confused over fancy artwork. Something to keep on top of!

An age-old DIY method could simply be to print off the name and using cello-tape but remember to make the sign legible (no fancy fonts please) and in a convenient place. Again the risk here is that writing can become faded and/or fall off.

There are a lot of websites and printers who offer custom labels to eliminate any labelling woes. lets you design your own name tags. Options include ones designed specifically for clothing, for lunchboxes and all-rounders. From adhesive to iron-on. There's also an opportunity to design the tags for that added bit of fun.