The Young Philosopher Awards (IYPA) brings together philosophers, teachers, primary and secondary school students to think about and discuss the most important issues of our time.

The closing date for entries is 31 March!

Since the launch of the Irish Young Philosopher Awards in 2017 by President Michael D Higgins and Sabina Higgins, the IYPA has become a major philosophical and educational event in Ireland. It has now grown into an International Award forum that invites students from around the world to partake in philosophical thinking and discussion. This year the theme for the International Young Philosopher Awards is 'Belonging'.

The Irish Awards

The Irish Awards are open to primary and secondary school students in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Students are invited to create a short project on any philosophical question they consider important to think about in the current time. It can be a general or a timeless philosophical question, or one that reflects on current circumstances.

All second level students and 5th and 6th class primary level students on the island of Ireland are eligible to apply. Individuals, groups and classes may submit an entry in different mediums including essays, blogs, films and podcasts.

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The International Young Philosopher Awards

This year marks the third year of the International Young Philosopher Awards. For 2023 we invite young thinkers from around the world to think about the theme of belonging.

Belonging seems to constitute a crucial aspect of our lives and has been related to a fundamental need that humans have to be alongside other human beings and be accepted as a valuable member of a group (eg, family, friends, colleagues, country, world, and so on).

Belonging becomes ever more important as a topic in the current time where people face sudden displacement because of war and the climate crisis, or internal forms of displacement due to poverty or housing, different identities, gender, race or religion. The International Young Philosopher Awards enables young people from around the world to develop, express and share their thoughts with one another about these important issues.

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All entries should be submitted by Friday 31st March 2023.

Entries should be emailed to the IYPA email address: