Move over Peppa Pig, here comes Peppa Muc! Yes, that's right, everyone's favourite puddle-jumping pig is now fluent as Gaeilge!

Tune in to RTÉjr TV weekdays at 7.05am to watch Peppa Muc.

AND you can watch the show on RTÉ Player too - Click here!

It's a great way to learn some Irish words and here are some to get you started!

Muc = Pig

Daidí = Daddy

Mamaí = Mommy

Deartháir = Brother

Mamó = Granny

Daideo = Grandpa

Naíonra = Playschool

Múinteoir = Teacher

Locháin Uisce = Puddles

Spraoi = Play

Cairde = Friends

Liathróid Ball

Bréagáin = Toys

Damhsa = Dancing

Ceol = Music

Amhrán = Song

Leabhar = Book

Sioráf = Giraffe

Dineasár = Dinosaur

Coinín = Rabbit

Capaillín = Pony

Madra = Dog

Mac Tíre = Wolf

Séabra = Zebra

Caora = Sheep

Eilifint = Elephant

Sionnach = Fox

Luch = Mouse

Caochán = Mole