On After School Hub today, we join thousands of people all over Ireland for the first #GRMA Day. Múinteoir Ray is here to tell us more, plus we have some lovely messages from boys and girls from all over Ireland.

Join us in saying thanks to our school leaders, teachers, SNAs, secretarial staff, other resource teachers, custodial services, student leaders and mentors, and all involved in the huge efforts to ensure our children are safe and cared for as they enjoy their day at school.

To acknowledge and celebrate the work being done in our school communities in maintaining a safe environment in which our children can enjoy attending school, this day was chosen where all of us can join together to say 'go raibh maith agaibh!' or GRMA!

Join in with with everyone on After School Hub at 3.20pm on RTÉ2 as we say #GRMA today!

This nationwide event was organised by advisory board of National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals in collaboration with education partners and student leaders.