Simile Storytime

In today's lesson, we learned how a simile can help to make the language in a story a lot more interesting!  As we learned before, a simile is a comparison using the words "as" or "like", for example, his smile is as bright as the sun or she swims like a fish.  Here is the story that Múinteoir John used as an example:

David was worried. He hadn't seen Roxy all day. He asked his friend Cathal. Cathal was tall. He hadn’t seen her. David saw the twins. They were alike. "Have you two seen my dog?" said David "No" replied the twins "Have you asked Anne?" "No" said David sadly. "Anne, have you seen my dog? She’s white, she’s gentle and she has blue eyes. "I’ve got good news!" said Anne. "Richie found a dog today.  She’s at his house." It was Roxy! David was so happy!

Can you add some similes to bring this story to life? For example, instead of just saying David was worried, we could say David was as worried as can be.  That makes the sentence a simile, and sounds much more interesting!  And instead of Cathal just being tall, he could be as tall as a house! 

Have a think and see what similes you can come up with then write the story again, including your new sentences!


Stay-At-Home Similes

Time to make up your own similes at home!  Think of a suitable word to finish off the below sentences.  Take a look around your house to give you an idea of what word might work best!

  1. As quick as ___________________
  2. As slow as ___________________
  3. As dull as ___________________
  4. As white as ___________________
  5. As heavy as ___________________
  6. As light as ___________________
  7. Dark like ___________________
  8. Bright like ___________________
  9. Soft like ___________________
  10. Hard like ___________________


Write your own poem or story, using similes. Remember you need to use "as" or "like". Don't forget to send your poems and stories to the RTÉ Home School Hub. We’d love to see them!  

Here’s an example of a poem with similes in it that we made up just for you.  See if you can spot all 6 of them.

We all heard the news, it came as quick as a flash,
"Stay at home to save lives!", so inside we did dash.
It's as if all the humans are in hibernation,
Like the bears and the hedgehogs, what a strange situation!

But the Home School Hub is keeping us going,
We’ll be bright as buttons, as our knowledge keeps growing.

Some days might be tough, but like fish in the sea,
Just keep swimming, and soon we’ll be free.
When this is all over, we’ll feel light as a feather,
Like bees in a hive, we’re in this together.

Send us pictures or videos of what you have done. Ask your parents to help you send them to