Botanical Collage

In today's lesson Múinteoir Ray made a beautiful collage with botanical materials.  

A collage is made by assembling different materials on to a flat service to create art. Botanical materials are ones that come from plants and trees.  

Step 1: 

Forage around your local area for materials, try and get as many textures as you can – smooth leaves, spikey leaves, soft petals, rough bark, or furry moss. Search your garden, the green or park near your house, or even look in window boxes or hanging baskets. Nature is everywhere! Be sure to ask permission before you pick anyone else’s plants. 

Step 2 

Arrange your materials any way that you think looks good, it could be a portrait, a leafy landscape, a petal party, anything!  Múinteoir Ray arranged his materials into a face. 

While you are out and about in nature how about having a look at some of the wildlife that surrounds us too.  Have a peak under rocks or logs and you should see lots of bugs scuttling about.  Look to the trees and sky and you'll see the whole variety of birds that live around us, you just have to look.  Tick off any bugs or birds you see on the worksheets below and let us know how you get on.  Take pictures of what you find. 


You might be able to find the bugs in your garden but can you find them in this Wordsearch? 

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Send us pictures or videos of what you have done.  Ask your parents to help you send them to