Dance & Movement

Cardiovascular exercise, or cardio for short, is any exercise that increases your heart rate, which gets the blood pumping faster around your whole body.  Even though we are not playing as much sport or getting out as much as we would want to, there are still lots of way to stay active during the lockdown to keep your heart healthy. 

Today Múinteoir Clíona showed us some simple cardio exercises and dance moves to get you moving at home.  Here they are again: 

Criss Cross 

Cross over your legs and open them again. 

Jump Across the River

Jump from side to side

Jumping Jacks 

Stretch arms and legs out to the side like a starfish while jumping, return arms to sides and legs to  centre on landing.

High Knees

Run in place, lifting your knees high to the waist level.  Hold your hands out and try and hit them with your knees.  Keep them nice and high!

March on the Spot

Roly Poly

Circle your arms around each other while you bend all the way down and back up again. 

Jog / Sprint on the Spot

Reach for the Sky: 

Reach your arm up as high as it can go above your head, then change arms.

Now you know the moves, turn on the music and get your heart pumping! 

And when you're finished make sure to re-hydrate your body with some water.   

Send us pictures or videos of what you have done. Ask your parents to help you send them to

Why do we need to drink water? 

 What do you, flowers, and a kangaroo have in common? Give up? You all need water. All living things must have water to survive whether we get it from a tap, the soil or a billabong.

Humans can't survive more than a few days without water because it is needed by ever cell in our body for it to work.  

Because your body loses water through breathing, sweating, and digestion, it's important to rehydrate by drinking fluids and eating foods that contain water.

Water makes up more than half of your body weight. 

Have a look at the picture and see how much water makes up some of the most important parts of the body.  None of them could function without it. 

For example - Your blood, which is 85% water, carries oxygen to all the cells of your body. Without water the oxygen could not be transported, the tiny cells would die, and your body would stop working.

Water helps stop you from overheating. Water is what sweat is mainly made up of. 

You need water to digest your food, absorb nutrients and get rid of waste. Water is needed for digestive juices, wee and poo. 

Although you should get most of your hydration from liquids like water and milk, your body can also get water from the food you eat too.  Fruits and vegetables contain lots of water, so that’s another good reason to eat lots of them! 

Water with a Twist! 

Some people find water a bit boring and end up drinking things that aren't particularly good for them, like fizzy and sugary drinks.  So, how about we look at a few ways to spruce up a plain old glass of water. 

Add fruits:  Citrus fruits are great at flavouring water e.g. lemons, limes, and oranges.  Or you could also try crushing some raspberries, watermelon, or strawberry slices.  

Add a bit of fresh juice:  Adding a bit of juice to water is much better than drinking a big glass of juice on its own.  Juice can contain a lot of sugar. 

Add herbs: Mint and basil can make a lovely refreshing drink when mixed with fruit.  Good combinations are - cucumber, lemon, and mint (see recipe below) or strawberry, lime, and basil. 

Add ice: Some people prefer their water nice and chilled rather than room temperature.  You can freeze flavours into your ice cubes e.g. add juice, herbs, cucumber, or berries into the water in your ice cube tray and freeze and these ice cubes will cool and flavour your water.  

Recipe:  Cucumber, Lemon and Mint Infused Water

A delicious way to stay cool and hydrated!


  • A lemon, thinly sliced
  • A cucumber, peeled and thinly sliced
  • Approx. 2litres of water
  • 12 mint leaves


Put all the ingredients in a large jug or pitcher and leave in the fridge overnight.  Take out the old lemon, cucumber and mint and serve with a couple of fresh slices of lemon and cucumber and a leaf or two of mint.  Enjoy!  

Find Your Way to a Happy Heart

Send us pictures or videos of what you have done. Ask your parents to help you send them to