Everyone needs a moment to stop. To think. To find a minute of calm. Let Niamh help you find it with any of these Mindful Moments.

The full set are available on the RTÉjr Podcast Feed. They also broadcast every weekday at 11am on RTÉjr Radio.

The Breath

To start off, take on a short guided meditation focusing on the breath.

Your Body

Here we're focusing on the miracle of your physical body, your home on this earth.

The Worry Bubble 

This time, we breathe our worries into a bubble and watch them float away.


In this episode of Mindful Moments, we focus on the kindness we give and receive.


For this Mindful Moments our focus is on gratitude and all the small joys we can find in our everyday life.

Our Mental Body

For this moment, we're appreciating the incredible gift of our minds and all the wonderful uses we can put them to.

The Bubble of Confidence 

This time our guided meditations focus on the breath and today we breathe in the energy of confidence from our golden bubble.