Reem is in studio with stories from Ireland and around the world including a makeover for the home of classical music in Ireland, a big EU-Ukraine summit, a meteor and baby pandas! And Molly goes to The Ark as kids fight for their rights!

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Molly went along to The Ark in Dublin where some kids were getting ready to march. They were looking to the Right Here Right Now festival. It's three whole days of art, theatre, music and dance and our raucous Children's Rally as we celebrate children's rights, arts and culture! All events are free but ticketed.

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Reem is in studio with a round-up of stories from Ireland and around the world. The Royal Irish Academy of Music's home in Dublin has had a makeover and it looks great - Fergal O'Brien reports.

Then there are updates on big stories like an EU-Ukraine summit. An ancient meteor is spotted. There is a fire festival on the Shetland Islands. And we finish with some cute baby pandas - lots of them!!

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