Did you know that RTÉjr has a brilliant YouTube channel? Well, now you do and you can subscribe here to see what's coming up and lots more.

There are fun clips, songs from shows and cool compilations with the best bits from our TV shows. Starting up top, join Simon Says to listen to ALL the songs in one place.

Watch the box set on RTÉ Player here!

And, while we are loving the music, check out the theme tune for Funny Little Monsters. It's a banger!!

It's the show where kids see their art come to life on screen. They can be tall or small, funny or hairy, but one thing they're not - they're never very scary.

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It's time for a fun tea party with Ray in Ray of Sunshine. He is a sunshine-y, seven-year-old boy who lives in the Sunshine Apartments smack bang in the middle of Dublin City.

Press play above to watch a clip from Caterpillar Thriller.

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Join Sullivan and Benji on their beach cleaning mission as they work together to remove plastic and other rubbish, making the beach clean and beautiful again.

In Sullivan Sails they create a world of their own that is bursting with nature and adventure from the darkest caves to the highest treetops!

Follow their adventures here!

And there are more favourites too...

It may look like a cardboard box, but when get inside it become The Imagination Machine.

Press play above to go back in time to visit Ancient Rome...

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Every day, Fia and her best friend Ameer take a journey to Fairy Island where they learn the enchanting Irish language through exciting adventures with a pair of fairies and all their magical friends.

Watch Fia's Fairies for a really fun way to learn new words as Gaeilge.

The shows are all on RTÉ Player now!

They have told us all about your body, then they thought us about animals and the latest shows are all about inventions. The Body Brothers, and Auntie B, will have your brains and bodies moving!

All the singing, dancing and fun is here!

Kiva Can Do! follows the adventures of seven-year-old Kiva Kain, her best friend Saul and Angus the dog as they make their own adventures with whatever is to hand. She is the world's best kid inventor.

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All aboard the Spaceship Curiosity for some science experiments, learning and loads of fun on Let's Find Out!

Join Captain Zoom and her crew of two human scientists, Amy and Mark, as they try to answer her questions with the help of some kids.

Check out all the experiments with instructions here!