April is Autism Awareness Month so RTÉjr are delighted that Pablo is back on your screens!

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Magic crayons, animated friends and a wonderful imagination...these are the tools that Pablo uses to turn life's little challenges into big adventures.

To cope with the challenges he faces, Pablo enters into an animated art world, the world of his imagination where he is able to explore things that confuse him. With the help of his animal friends, Pablo is free to work through things and figure them out, having lots of fun along the way.

Every episode of Pablo is grounded in the real-life experiences of autistic children, with autistic young writers and contributors helping to bring ideas and perspectives to life in an honest and humorous way.

An RTÉjr and CBeebies co-production, Pablo, produced by Paper Owl Films, sees the smart, funny and creative Pablo draw imaginary animal friends which come to life to help him handle situations which make him feel anxious, such as going for a haircut or to the supermarket. Pablo is on the autism spectrum.