Shorts Yule Love is a series of amazing animations made especially for RTÉjr to bring everyone together and make you feel all fuzzy inside this Christmas.

Tune in to RTÉjr and RTÉ2 all over the Christmas period to see these amazing animations.

AND you can watch them all now on RTÉ Player.

Or just press play to watch them on RTÉjr and RTÉ Kids YouTube below.

Bear with Me by Studio Meala

We follow a lost teddy bear as they explore a Children's Hospital looking for their owner. This is dedicated to all the children who can't get home this Christmas.

Da Humbug from Flickerpix

This one's all about a grumpy real-life Grinch named Bob. He lives next door to Ella and she wants to bring some Christmas joy to him, whether he likes it or not!

Little from Alt Animation

It's story about two brothers, Big and Little, with Little always wanting to tag along with Big, which he doesn't always like...

Wee Littles: Christmas Eve Eve by Magpie 6

It's the night before Christmas Eve and two exhausted parents are trying to get their children to bed but the thought of opening a present tomorrow has the wee ones overly excited so, they come up with a new family tradition: where they’ll each get to open a really tiny present Christmas Eve Eve!!

Critters TV: Tiny's Santa List produced by Turnip & Duck

Mammy, Daddy and Tiny Owl are all writing their letters to Santa. Tiny has kept his Christmas list short this year because he knows that Santa has had a tough old year. Mammy & Daddy don't seem to have noticed and want LOADS! Can Tiny teach them about the true meaning of Christmas?

Mistletoe And Stubbs by JAM Media

When a reliable, old cake decoration realises he's been replaced (and right in the run up to Christmas!) his dreams of shining on a fruit-filled, frosting-covered stage look like they’re about to crumble away. Mistletoe is sleek, shiny and sophisticated.

Stubbs on the other hand is weathered and garish and.. well.. Stubby. But with Easter, Birthdays and Spooky Season around the corner, could this plucky little cake topper gain a new starring role or will he end up stuck on the sidelines for good?

Urban Tails: The Big Christmas Song by Pink Kong

It's an awesome animated musical set in the universe of Urban Tails the RTÉjr pre-school series. The main message of The Big Christmas Song is not the presents we receive or the oh-so tasty treats we eat, it’s about sharing, caring and spending time with the ones we love.

An Oiche Is Speisialta by Studio 9

It's all about how people from diverse homes across Ireland celebrate Christmas and how different families and different people come together.

Naughty vs Nice by Treehouse Republic

On a crisp Christmas Eve night, Santa delivers his gifts in the gently falling snow. As always he is dismayed when he finds a child on the Naughty list. But the child in question, Grace, isn't going to take a stocking full of coal lying down.

Will Grace be able to convince Santa to put her on the Nice list? And will Santa be able to survive her slapstick assault?

Günter Falls in Love by Cardel

It's Christmas Day and Günter, a pudgy pug watches from his dog bed as his human family unwrap their presents. When an uninterested child throws an old hand-me-down family TOY to the side, Günter becomes besotted.

Thanks so much to all the amazing people from the companies involved. We are really lucky to have some wonderful animators in Ireland and it's great to be able to share their work with you.

Tune in ALL over Christmas on RTÉ2 and RTÉjr and keep an eye out for all the Shorts Yule Love.