No Expenses Spared Part 2: Ministerial Expenses

This is a tool to help you find out how much every minister or junior minister cost the taxpayer in the period between the general election of March 2011 and the end of December 2014.

You can search by name and by party, and click on each year and the additional tab to get more detail. This tool is a companion to our original database of pay and expenses for TDs and Senators, which you can find here. However, this ministerial database covers a slightly longer period so direct comparison of the figures should not be made. Scroll down to examine the interactive data bank or click here to read an article, which explains how the RTÉ Investigations Unit compiled the figures and how the system of pay and expenses works.

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{{ td.Party }} {{td.Name}} - {{ td.Constituency }}

Total: €{{ td.Total| number:0}}
+ {{ year }} €{{td["yearTotal"+year]| number:0}}
{{ type.replace("_", " ").replace("_"," ").replace(year,"") }} {{ payment }}
+ Additional
{{ replaceAll(type) }} {{ payment }}

Numbers rounded to nearest euro.

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