The epilogue is given to the viola, perhaps suggesting the words from Prospero's closing speech: "Our revels now are ended."

Kevin O'Connell 2009

See the Contemporary Music Centre's interview with Kevin about this commission.


"That heavy greenness fostered by water"
John Montague

At school I loved one picture's heavy greenness -
Horizons rigged with windmills' arms and sails.
The millhouses' still outlines. Their in-placeness
Still more in place when mirrored in canals.
I can't remember not ever having known
The immanent hydraulics of a land
Of glar and glit and floods at dailigone.
My silting hope. My lowlands of the mind.

Heaviness of being. And poetry
Sluggish in the doldrums of what happens.
Me waiting until I was nearly fifty
To credit marvels. Like the tree-clock of tin cans
The tinkers made. So long for air to brighten,
Time to be dazzled and the heart to lighten.

From the collection 'Opened Ground, Poems 1966-1996', published by Faber and Faber 1998
© Seamus Heaney, reproduced by kind permission of the publisher