We're more Nollaig Shona than Grafton Quarter around these parts and with that in mind, here are some of our favourite Irish, Gaelach bronntanais made by our own homegrown creatives. 

Is there anything more thoughtful than a piece of art when it means something to you? Is breá linn ealaíontóirí na hÉireann, those artists who see who we really are. Amongst the our faves are Ciaraíoch, Ciarán Duffy and Elouise Flannery, all of whom draw on our cultural heritage in their own way.

Ciaraíoch's work reminds us of where we came from and brings to the fore those faces and voices who so often get forgotten. Her collection of Mini Mná is a particularly telling collection.  

Manannán Mac Lir, sea god in Irish mythology by Ciaraíoch

Elouise draws on her upbringing in West Kerry for her inspiration and says she "I attempt to magnify their beauty, their importance and their magic."

bumbóg by Elouise Flannery

Cartoonist Ciarán Duffy gives us a colourful look at the universe with a beautiful colour palette.

An Domhan, le Ciarán Duffy