Samhain or Halloween, in English, is regarded as the time of the year where the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest. Púca Festival, taking place over three locations and three nights is bringing the spectacle of Samhain back to life.

Samhain was also known as Féile na Marbh (the Feast of the Dead). As the veil between worlds thinned, all manner of spirits walked abroad at Samhain, including those of loved ones passed on. 

The tradition of wearing costumes and masks at Samhain was developed to deceive these same unfriendly spirits lest they recognised you and called you to the Otherworld before your time.  Nervous living folk would attempt to appease the wandering spirit with gifts of fruit and nuts, which may be the origin of the ubiquitous trick or treating.

Armagh Rhymers

The interpretation of mythological characters of Celtic folklore such as Púca, Boann, the Morrigan and the Red Men lend way for creativity and engagement with Samhain. Each of the characters have their own behavioural attitudes and party tricks which come together to symbolise the mischief and rule-breaking element of the Púca festival

David Keenan

Amongst the events planned in Athboy, Trim and Drogheda are storytelling, music, parades, puppetry including performances from David Keenan, Lisa O' Neill and Bernadette Nic Gabhann. 

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