Within the Irish Folk Tradition, changelings have a particular resonance. Listen to Claire and Jonny from The National Folklore Collection give a more critical understanding of the 'good people' and explain the difference between a legend and a fairy tale.

Féile na Bealtaine signifies the beginning of the summer in the Pagan calendar bringing the other world closer than ever to the world we live in. Jonny reminds us that the fairies we speak of aren't as cute as often imagined but can be either 'disruptive' or of benefit to those they visit. 

On what folk tradition is and why it functions Jonny denotes how motifs adapt to fit local lore.  "if something doesn't fit the immediate environment then it stops existing there".

The most well known of the contemporary tales of a changeling is the story of Bridget Cleary, who was burned to death by her husband who believed she was a changeling in 1895.

This podcast discusses what happens when the dark flashes 'into the everyday' and how it was viewed within the Irish folk tradition.

Cuirtear an podchraoladh ar fáil ó Chnuasach Bhéaloideas Éireann atá lonnaithe in UCD.