Nick Wechsler's character Jack Porter has been put through the ringer on Revenge so Sinead Brennan caught up with the star to find out what's in store for season four.

Jack Porter may have started out as the moral compass of the series, but as the seasons have progressed his character has become more and more entwined with Emily Thorne's world of revenge and this suits Nick down to the ground as it's more fun to play the darker character that he has become, "It'd rather play with that than the pure good guy, so yeah, it's getting more interesting.

"My favourite stuff so far would be mid-way, to the end, of season two and I really enjoyed, there's obviously plenty of stuff that I loved playing with in season three, but I think the justifiably dark stuff is more fun to play with."

So many traumatic things have happened to Jack so far in the show so I tried to get some details about what big things are in Jack's future but Nick remained tight-lipped, "Well, I'm not sure, they haven't told me much so I genuinely don't know anything but you've seen all the way through season three, so I mean, I don't know what [David Clarke being back] will look like, what it'll mean for Jack, if it'll mean anything for Jack, other than holy shit for Emily, but it could mean that I have to do something, presumably I'll have scenes with him at some point."

Towards the end of season three Emily seemed to be having somewhat of a crisis of identity and with her dad back on the scene, and Aidan now gone, surely this will bring her and Jack closer together, maybe even rekindling a spark between the two? "All I really know is that there's been an opportunity to fill a void left by Aidan, but you know, some fans will be happy to hear that there's an opportunity for Jack and Emily."

Their will-they, won't-they relationship is something fans love to watch but Nick isn't too sure that they'll get their happily ever after, "I'm not sure, I think it depends, I think if she either chooses to abandon revenge, then she could have him and it wouldn't muddy the moral waters too much, muddy the message of Revenge too much, but if she goes after revenge and chooses that path the whole time, and then ends up with Jack in the end, A – it makes him look a little silly because he's just waiting dopily for her at the end being like, 'Yeah you can abuse me and have everything you do f*** up my life completely but I'll be here wearing'.

"But I also think it sends a weird message about revenge, about it being, it's like, I don't know, she'd get to go and do that and then have the reward in the end as well, and I don't know about that, that she'd get the reward too."

With filming set to kick off again in July, Nick's enjoying as much time off as he can, "I miss them [cast and crew] but I'm not like, I'm grateful and I always will be, and that being said I still, as much of a break as you can give me, I'll take! I'm not like, I want to work, but I wanna, I'm in no rush to get back just yet, we've still got a month left of our break and I'm thanking God for that."

Keep an eye out for season four of Revenge on RTÉ Two.