Will a night drinking at Colm's stag help ease David's pain now that Gráine is gone?

Mo is less than happy to discover Fiach will be working alongside her in Gaudi’s. Fiach can do nothing right in Mo’s eyes but when Mo is unable to cope with a situation it is Fiach who comes to her rescue. Can Mo and Fiach put the past behind them?

A haughty Pádraig, confident he will ace his job interview for a posh French restaurant, rejects Berni’s offer of a job in the cafe. But will Pádraig soon regret this decision?

David considers visiting Gráinne in India until he discovers Gráinne has cleaned out their joint savings account. But it is those around him who bear the brunt of his frustration.

Bobbi Lee, feeling sorry for Pádraig, convinces Berni to give him a chance. Berni relents and agrees to Pádraig hosting his pop up venture in the café but on one condition. What could this be?

Malachaí, invited to join Frances and Áine for dinner is not too enamoured at having 'Fajitas‘. Áine, ever the opportunist, cashes in on Malachaí’s dilemma.

Nathan is delighted with is job in the café but saddened when he sees a picture of Lee, the sister he never met, or ever will.

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