Pádraig and Tadhg are to meet Katy today to sign the new Gaudi contract. Pádraig knows he is being underhand towards Katy and is struggling with whether to continue the charade with Tadhg. What will Pádraig do? Vince and John Joe finally bury the hatchet . But Caitríona's money woes causes a rift between them again.

Niall gets news about Nathan’s adoption. But is it what Bobbi Lee wants to hear? Pádraig has great plans for Gaudi’s, now that Katy is no longer a partner in the business. But Tadhg has a surprise in store for him.

Mo feigns enthusiasm about going to Singapore with Colm. Tadhg and Peatsaí are less than pleased to hear she is leaving, and let her know.  Michelle has gone to great lengths to organize a romantic meal for Rory. But romance goes out the window, when a meal for two turns into a meal for three. Charlie blames Mo for changing Colm’s mind. Mo is surprised by Charlie’s outburst and realises how little Charlie thinks of her. Charlie does not want to go to their wedding anymore. Will Mo persuade her, for Colm’s sake?

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